Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It say that we are diferent people and like diferent type of thing like some people dress really fancy and some just dress with joggers and like a anime shirt and some just wear like old clothe so and if you were ugly clothe some people would talk about you and also there is some people that be getting teased by other people  and also there is people that misjudge people about there clothe and there are selling expensive clOthe like.   Suits and more or either people just buy like 10 to fifteen dollars and there are people that just wear the same clothe every day because they can't afford a lot of clothe and people wear some weird clothe like the different types of religions they wear diferent clothe than people in the United States we were Long sleeves and short sleeves and somethings like jeans joggers. And more things  like there are a lot of.  Types of clothe people were like some really really tight shirts or jeans and that all

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