Monday, February 29, 2016

Hunger Games
Independent Reading Book
(Katniss sacrifices herself for her sister in the games; Katniss sacrifices her safety to provide for her family)
 Batman trying to catch cat woman
(Katniss promises Peeta to return; Peeta’s family promises to take care of Katniss’s family)

 He promised he would team up with her to tryo to catch this other guy
Importance of How You Present Yourself
(Cinna’s costumes; Cesar Flickerman Interviews)

 He has black costume 
Being “Hungry” 
(actual hunger/Capitol starves people to keep them under control; hungry to win; Peeta hungry not to lose himself)

 None of them are hungry
(Interviews/Parade shaped how people thought of Katniss and Peeta, even though it wasn’t 100% real)

 They did not have interviews
“Reality” TV 
(Games are on TV, manipulated by Gamemakers)

Friendship with Unlikely People 

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